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She is Gold Jewelry

Layering Clasp

Layering Clasp

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-Doesn’t include necklaces. 

-Lead and Nickel Free
-Material: 18k Gold over stainless steel over Brass
-Quantity: 1 Piece

Tangled necklaces are the worst! Luckily - our Layered Necklace Detangler is a lifesaver. I always use a detangler when I wear more than 2 necklaces, and it seriously makes it a lot easier to manage.

For those who aren't familiar, our Layered Necklace Detangler is a necklace clasp that keeps your necklaces from getting as tangled as you go on about your day, and you can also put on/take off 2-4 necklaces at a time, instead of unclasping them all individually!

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